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IWA Mid-South in Bellevue, IL on 2/6

Well considering the caliber of talent on the show I'd like to see
more than just 60 attend it...

Friday night, February 6, 2009
The Bellevue Plaza
S. 325 Bellevue Ave.
Bellevue, IL
8 pm belltime; doors open 7:15 pm
Tickets: $15 ringside; $10 bleachers

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Grudge Match
Grits N Gravy (Elgin & Sami) vs. Michigan Militia (Brooks & Skyline)
vs. Sex Drugs & Wrestling (Chambers & Ash)

Elgin teamed with Chambers at the first Bellevue show to take on the
Militia. Chambers turned on Elgin disgusted that he was using Sami
Callihan as a tag partner. That somehow was a betrayal to his
Canadian roots. Chambers promised that Elgin would never be able to
get another Canadian to team with him...including his former tag
partner and man he came to IWA with, Ash. It allowed the Militia to
get a victory over Elgin. Elgin and Chambers started an impromptu
match against each other when the Militia got involved again. They
beat down both Elgin and Chambers leading to the need for a 3 way. In
order to make it a little more interesting...tables, ladders and
chairs will be allowed. Will the Canadians side with the Militia or
Grits N Gravy to make it 4 on 2 until the Militia is taken care of or
will the past friendship of Elgin and Ash mean nothing and every team
fend for themselves? Maybe Sex Drugs & Wrestling will work with the
Militia to prove a point to Elgin. The only thing known for sure is
that chaos will ensue!

Pinfalls Count Anywhere
Mickie Knuckles vs. Rain

This will be a return match from the January 23rd show as Mickie
Knuckles knocked out Rain with a kneelift using the leg that has the
titanium rod inserted into it after breaking her leg vs. Sara Del
Rey. Rain came out at the end of the night and attacked Mickie as she
tried to save Ian Rotten from an attack at the hands of The
Hooligans. Mickie and Rain have had a long standing rivalry that
included several brutal matches back in 2005 including a strap match.
This promises to go down in the books as just as hard hitting as
those matches were and then some!

Grudge Tag Team Match
The Bad Breed (Ian & Axl Rotten) vs. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason

The Hooligans have decided that they want to try to run with the big
dogs. They attacked Ian Rotten at the TV Taping demo show and called
Ian and Axl old men. They followed that up by attacking Ian Rotten at
the end of the night a week later in Bellevue. Ian has promised that
they will pay the price and learn why Ian and Axl are called the Bad
Breed when they tangle on the 6th!

Also on this card:

Heavyweight Title Match
(c) DINGO vs. Trik Davis

Pick You Poison Match
Drake Younger vs. Devon Moore vs. B-Boy vs. Jon Moxley
*The winner will get to pick whatever match they would like. If Drake
Younger wins though, he will not be able to pick a Heavyweight Title
Match as his choice since he lost his last and final match against
DINGO for that title.

Keith Walker vs. (former WWE Star) "The One Legged Wonder" Zach Gowen

Bill the Butcher vs. Greg Excellent

Non-title Light Heavyweight Total Elimination Match
(c)"Quick" Carter Gray vs. Ricochet vs. Jason Hades vs. Prince
Mustafa Ali

Juice Robinson vs. Ryan Phoenix

Hope to see you all there!
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