The Audacity of Tropes (saint_angrier) wrote in peoria,
The Audacity of Tropes

Inside the Brown Bag

Come to the first annual Inside The Brown Bag event! Watch as four amatuer stand-up comedians attempt to imitate their favorite comics! 

See the imitation Bill Cosby!!
Witness the second hand Steve Martin!!
Shudder at the Unknown Comic!!!
Feel dirty with an imitation Redd Foxx!!!
Gasp at the real DJ Celly Cell!!
Be part of Peoria Comedy History!!!

You only have to be 21 years old!!

You only have to bring $5!!
You only have to show up at Gorman's Pub at 9 PM this Friday April 10th!!!

Gorman's Pub is located at the Campustown shopping center right across the street from Bradley University. 

So come on down as you probably don't enjoy coloring eggs anyway!!!  
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