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IWA Mid-South - Bellevue, IL 7/10

Battle Of The Future Stars
July 10th, 2009
Bellevue Plaza
325 Bellevue Ave.
Bellevue, IL.

Battle Of The Future Stars 2 will be an 8 man tournament in which the winner will receive an automatic buy into the Ted Petty Invitational for the NEXT 3 YEARS!!!

Everything is based on a point system.

The first round matches will consist of 4 single matches. The winner of each match will be awarded 10 points where as the loser will receive -5 points for the loss.

The second round will consist of 2 tag matches. The team that wins will receive 10 points each. The losing members will receive -5 points and the person that is actually pinned in the match will receive an additional -5 points.

The third round will be an 8 man tag match. These teams will be picked in a lethal lottery style. Everyone will receive a raffle ticket with the purchase of admission into the show. Again, 10 points will be rewarded to the winning team. The losing team will have -5 points added to there total as well as the person who gets pinned will have an additional -5 points added.

After all three rounds, the points will be added (or subtracted) and totaled out. The two wrestlers with the highest points will then go on to face each other in the last and final match. Which, the prize on the line will be an automatic bid in the Ted Petty Invitational Tournament for 3 years!

The 8 wrestlers confirmed for this show are:
Jon Moxley
Jason Hades
Ryan Phoenix
Prince Mustafa Ali
Shane Hollister
Tim Donst
Marshe Rockett

We hope to see everyone there for this unique and exciting tournament!

All Tickets are only $10. Children 12 and under will only be $7!
To order tickets online, or for more information, please contact Patti at rottenwife@aol.com.
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