Melvin Malone (peoriashows) wrote in peoria,
Melvin Malone

District 150 is determined to kill Peoria

I have yet to comment in my journal about the idiocy of District 150 in Peoria. For anyone who's not aware, they're thinking of closing one of the high school's and it's likely to be either Woodruff or Central which is downright stupid. This article explains the situation a little and offers an argument to close Manual instead.

It's a good article, except it's insane to justify the closing of any high school in Peoria. All of them have their own community identity and as we've seen in the past (relocating the residents of public housing, for example) when you force people to mingle with other communities, problems always occur. Intercommunity interaction should only be done at one's own accord.

I grew up next to the east bluff, so I've seen the positive effects that having Woodruff pride has made in the area. The bluff, Olde North & Glen Oak neighborhoods will become a hooligan's haven without it and it's safe to predict that the Catholic Diocese aren't going to help, judging from their seeming lack of interest in cleaning their own nearby neighborhoods.

Likewise, I'm now thinking of buying a house on Armstrong ave and I don't want to see the closing of Central turning the area into a forgotten slum. The city's finally starting to pay attention to Renaissance Park again. These are fragile times for the old streets & their renewal. District 150 is trying to repair a glass window with a hammer.

My biggest fear, though, is that the forced interaction of the bad elements of Woodruff, Manual & Central will turn the surrounding neighborhoods into a warzone.

Word to D150: respect the turf!

Is anyone else as annoyed & disturbed by this as I am?
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