Melvin Malone (peoriashows) wrote in peoria,
Melvin Malone

Meet the candidates night TONIGHT!!

Tonight, Jan 8, 2010
at the Gateway building downtown Peoria:
Supposedly all candidates running for U.S. Senator from IL (Barrack Obama's old seat) from all parties running in the primaries were invited to this event. I don't know how many are actually showing up, but I know judge Don Lowry's going to be there.

taken from the host's website:
"Meet the Candidates" night. We feel that is very important to know the candidates before the primary. The primary election is the most important. We have to decide who holds true to our values before we make them the prime candidate. Please inform all your friends and family.

Due to the public response, we had to change the location from the Riverplex to the Gateway building. The time is the same. There will be a shuttle from the Riverplex to the Gateway building as a complimentary service. The Riverplex personnel will direct everyone to the Gateway building.

Thank you for your understanding and I'm excited to have this kind of problem.

Jody Pitcher
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